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Work! I asked and recieved...now just to keep it coming.

May 19th, 2014 at 04:51 pm

I have been working non-stop this week and it finally paid off. I got $108. I earned $27 from my coloring book sales. I earned $23 from my psychic line. I also earned $35 from fiverr.com. I got $22 from child support. Working these extra jobs has paid off a little. Normally, I would have gotten only the psychic pay and the child support, so I doubled what I got this week.

A lot of people tell me to just work really hard at one job and I have done that. Let me give you an idea of what my best pay ever was at my psychic job, $180 dollars for the week. Most weeks it is $20-$90. I can do these other jobs while waiting for customers, so it was wasted time anyway. It is not a distraction from my job, it's finding things to do during my job hours since I am never working non-stop on the line.

The extra went into buying supplies for the goat. I got a salt block which she needed, $7. I got hay for her barn. I got litter for their little bedding area. I want to keep her healthy. I also got her vaccinations for when she needs to get them at 4 weeks and 8 weeks.

She should be fine for the next month. She is putting out enough milk now too, but we are waiting until she has been nursing the little one at least two weeks before robbing any for ourselves. We are still giving the excess to the kittens and puppies our animals gave birth to. They are getting as fat as little round sausages with legs.

We planted one more bed of tomatoes and peppers, laid straw on the potatoes, watered everything, and visited with friends like we do most weekends.

Still living in the Hinterlands an update

April 21st, 2014 at 02:27 am

Time has flown. Here it is 3 years later and the middle of another planting season. So much has happened. I want to share with all of you our struggles and good fortune, but it would be writing a book!

Our tiller broke again when a drunk driver ran it over almost killing me, my husband, and our then 4 year old son. The drunk also managed to destroy 50% of what we had planted last year.

We purchased two nanny goats. They are very young, but we should breed them this year. I enjoy their company as much as the idea of having milk form them.

We have a newer car that we got for a price I could not refuse and my husband had found work closer to home for about 9 months. He lost his job last month. I have a work at home job currently where I make 200-300 a month. He was making only 300 a month at the end of it.

I wrote two books and have started to make a few sales. Not enough to put food on the table, but some pocket change.

We took in a family of four in 2012 that I knew which was living on the street literally and gave them a home for 5 months until they got on their feet. 2012 gave me a very good garden and we fed everyone (All 12 of us) out of it until about November when the frost killed it. By December, it was truly horrific. The pantry was bare and our garden was dead. This was before my husband found work. So it was up to me to figure out something to feed everyone. It wasn't very easy. I got very creative on the recipes by adding chamomile to bread and Mullen, herbs usually reserved for teas. It made the bread sweeter when we had almost no sugar, honey, or molasses. By the end of December they found a home and work. I was so thankful. Most of the beginning of 2013 was devoted to recovering. By June, things were better, until the drunk driver showed up.

Last year was the first real Christmas from mom and dad my kids had in 5 years. My husband had good work at that time and we bought them toys for the first time in a long time. I even bought them new clothes. Now that he is out of work, I am kicking myself in the rear for spending the money. The kids did love it though.

I guess I will update on my planting later. I'm tired, it's late, and I just got off my shift.