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Work! I asked and recieved...now just to keep it coming.

May 19th, 2014 at 04:51 pm

I have been working non-stop this week and it finally paid off. I got $108. I earned $27 from my coloring book sales. I earned $23 from my psychic line. I also earned $35 from fiverr.com. I got $22 from child support. Working these extra jobs has paid off a little. Normally, I would have gotten only the psychic pay and the child support, so I doubled what I got this week.

A lot of people tell me to just work really hard at one job and I have done that. Let me give you an idea of what my best pay ever was at my psychic job, $180 dollars for the week. Most weeks it is $20-$90. I can do these other jobs while waiting for customers, so it was wasted time anyway. It is not a distraction from my job, it's finding things to do during my job hours since I am never working non-stop on the line.

The extra went into buying supplies for the goat. I got a salt block which she needed, $7. I got hay for her barn. I got litter for their little bedding area. I want to keep her healthy. I also got her vaccinations for when she needs to get them at 4 weeks and 8 weeks.

She should be fine for the next month. She is putting out enough milk now too, but we are waiting until she has been nursing the little one at least two weeks before robbing any for ourselves. We are still giving the excess to the kittens and puppies our animals gave birth to. They are getting as fat as little round sausages with legs.

We planted one more bed of tomatoes and peppers, laid straw on the potatoes, watered everything, and visited with friends like we do most weekends.

2 Responses to “Work! I asked and recieved...now just to keep it coming.”

  1. Miz Pat Says:

    OK - so are you able to read minds, or is it all artifice?

    And I'm so pleased you are multitasking and having fun

  2. aukxsona Says:

    Miz Pat - I read tarot cards. I do the best I can to interpret the cards. I go with my gut feelings based on the meaning of the cards to answer any question a person has. I never make any promises. I do not make predictions about anything medical. I do not give legal advice. I have never been "certified" which means tested by a professional testing service (mostly because I have never found how to be tested or it was thousands of dollars), but I have found that most people just want to talk to someone. I always tell them that any feelings I receive are just a gift from spirit, but I mostly read the cards. That means if I get a feeling, it's not because "I know and see all" but perhaps God, their guardian angel, a lost loved one or something has decided to give me a clue. I do not claim to know what is giving the clue either. I do not claim to read minds on the site, though some psychics claim that. I simply say I will give them a tarot reading and do my best to interpret it. A lot of people seem to feel that I provide a service of someone to talk to ...which is what I do mostly. I have had people call me up crying and leave smiling. I have had people threaten to kill themselves and I got them to a suicide hotline. I have had people call because they are drunk and hate drinking alone. I'm an instant ear for anyone basically and I have the added benefit of being able to read tarot cards and listen to my gut feelings if they believe in that sort of thing.

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